Is that true for you??? lol

Perfect Dance Crew!!!

Side note: Yo minna! Sorry! Havedn’t posted in a long time(Because of school!X( ) I’ll try my best to balance tumblr and school! Thanks for all your support and as I always say sayonara minna!

Oh! Kakashi just got shit on!!!lol

Is this most of us?!?!?!? lol!!!

I’m on!

Yo minna I’m now on chat step just drop by to say hi or chat with me! If you don’t know about this, its in my last post! Hope to talk with you all!

Over 700 followers! Lets keep going!

Yo minna! As you could tell by the title I have reached 700 follower! This means a lot to me because you guys are my family on Tumblr! Once you click that follow button, you are a member of the Destiny family! So to repay you guys this much follower I’ve decided this coming Saturday 8/30(In USA that means saturday night/ sunday for the Asian countrys) I will host a chat on chatstep and you guys can ask me anything! So thanks for all the support and I’ll see you guys then!

P.S this is not a spam and I would like to talk to you guys!

Chatstep: Room name: Kira Destiny Nickname:Put your own!(ex.your tumblr name)

um…remember this part?O.O But now we know who is going to lead in this relationship! lol

Building walls so that no one can hurt you…..nope!

Anyone remember this part???LoL!